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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why wont my handle unlock? When I show it any card it displays a red light and beeps?

    A red light with one beep indicates that the card is not valid for the hotel. If the card works on other room locks then that room lock should be be reprogrammed. Information on how to program the locks can be found here and information on all the beep and light error codes can be found here.

  • I think the batteries have failed or be failing, how do I change them?

    Inside the room under the handle are 2 phillips screws. Undo these and the battery caddy will pull down. You have about 10 minutes to change the batteries, after this time you may need to reprogram the lock again. If the batteries have already failed, you will have to access the room using the emergency key, replace the batteries and reprogram the lock. Information on programming the lock can be found here.

  • My Gesthotel software is telling me it is about to expire, what should I do?

    When the software is installed and the hotel comissioned, the software is left unlicenced and will run for 30 days or until full payment has been recieved. If you have already paid and not recieved a license key, please contact us and upon verification we will issue the license key. If you have not yet paid, please contact us and we will discuss your options.

  • I changed the passcode on the handheld unit and can't remember it, what can I do?

    There is no override code for the handheld, for security reasons. If you have forgotton the code, the unit needs to be returned to us to be securely erased and returned to you. There is a cost involved for this service, please contact us for more information. Portero advises that the passcode is not changed from the one set at installation and that the unit is locked away securely instead.

  • How do i program locks and common areas with cards?

    Programming areas and locks with cards is explained in the following documents:


    Program Locks Using Cards

    Program Common Areas Using Cards

  • Can I take out an extended maintenance contract?

    Yes, we offer extended maintenance packages, which includes discounted rates on labour, support and parts. Please contact for further information. Please note that outside your warranty period charges apply for support calls, email support is still free.

  • My question isn't covered here or in the manuals, how can I get help?

    You should first email explaining what is wrong and supply as much information as possible, we will then contact you offering advice. Depending on your maintenance cover or warranty status, charges may be applicable.

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