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Intercom Systems



Video intercom systems provide consumers with a safe, effective way of determining who is at the door without even having to get up. A revolutionary leap from those tiny glass peepholes, the video intercom transfers a crystal-clear video of visitors onto an inside screen and unlike standard video surveillance, allows for two-way communication between owner and the visitor.


Video intercom systems are traditionally designed to go on the exterior side of entryways for businesses, apartments, and the occasional upscale home. They can be added to gates or doors, depending on the preferred entry point for the location, and are often used in conjunction with electronic locking systems, wherein the door or gate could be electronically unlocked for invited guests.


Today, the number of uses for video intercom systems has expanded a bit, as has the technology behind them. Now consumers use them both in and outside of their homes, day and night, and in a variety of manners. The number of residential homes displaying intercom systems is also increasing.


Multiple forms of video intercom systems exist, making the task of purchasing one frequently confusing and time-consuming. Each system has its own strengths and it is up to the consumer to determine precisely what features will best fit their purpose. The most basic video intercom systems will simply provide a video image for the proprietor to gaze at whenever anyone comes to the door. They may also be able to integrate the setup into an existing electronic locking system, so they can press a button to allow the visitor entrance or get a visual on their living room television set whenever someone approaches.


Our systems can be tailored to the requirements of the customer and are priced well without compromising on quality.


Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us find a suitable system for you.


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