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Push To Exit Buttons



All doors on escape routes leading towards a final exit should be quick and easy to open without the need for a key.

In most situations this is the case; for instance, you simply operate the door handle of the door leading from an office and pass through.


In the case of a hotel, while a key is required to access a bedroom, it is only necessary to operate the door handle to get out. However, the final exit door of a building frequently presents problems because this type of door requires a higher degree of security while still having to be to be opened easily from within.


Fire Safety considerations specify: all access and security controlled locking systems on doors used on escape routes, including automatic sliding doors require an electromechanical or mechanical override in the direction of escape.


Electric strike plates normally have a handle or knob that operates like a conventional locking system and consequently have a manual override. Other types need to be provided with special override arrangements to ensure they can be unlocked in the event of an emergency by any person who requires to pass through these doors in the event of a fire and should be easily opened without the need of an electronic key or other device.


Push to exit buttons are available in various sizes and designs, but they all do the same job. They allow safe pass through of an electronically locked door. Different regulations operate under different conditions, sometimes a large print and large button are required, in other cases this is not required. You should check which regulations apply to you before deciding on a design type, but once you know what type you are after we can help you source a unit which will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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